We use the following process in servicing saws


  •  Each saw is inspected for cracks and broken or chipped tips.
  • Saws with tips out have new tips brazed in as needed. Retips have additional step prior to brazing, where seats are cleaned and made uniform, as well as making sure the plate itself is still round. 
  • Saws are cleaned using glass blasting beads



  • Each Blade is checked by our hammer man for bows, knots, twists, bent shoulders, etc. He can check or change the tension if you have problems with noise or "waving."
  • Saws are ground using specialized saw grinders, many of which are CNC Machines. 
  • Saws are inspected again, checking grinds and tips. 
  • Saws are polished, dipped in an oil-based rubber to protect the tips, and packed for shipping.